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Special offers

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From now until 21 November 2011, make the most of our 5% discount on Terre Blanche produce.

Offer cannot be combined with your usual discounts

Consult our boutique prices (PDF 2.2 Mb)


Our Recommendation

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Discover our gourmet weekends.

In Summer

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning:

9am Gascon breakfast

10.30am Culinary demonstration: cutting up a fattened duck and introduction to its cuisine

11.15am Guided visit and tastings

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

12h30 Country-style meal

Discover Terre Blanche

Terre Blanche, an authentic rural estate in the Gers region, welcomes you all with open arms.

We have to offer: the finest produce in the purest Gascon tradition, and 30 years of experience, allied with ancestral traditions passed down from mother to daughter since the Middle Ages.

In our artisanal kitchens, fully compliant with European norms, we can offer the best foie gras, rillettes and ready-cooked gourmet meals.

Each production stage is checked and monitored and we apply rigorous selection criteria, especially in our choice of duck: the mulard variety, raised free-range for a minimum of 14 weeks in Gascon farms with IGP GASCOGNE certification, a rigorous production standard that guarantees ducks are raised free-range on a cereal-only diet, among other strict specifications.

We offer unique flavours for all lovers of fine produce. Rediscover the fine flavours of yesteryear!

During your visit, we invite you to explore our estate:

  • Our kitchens (unless there is work in progress)
  • The traditional facilities: gavage and slaughter rooms, today museums.
  • The park and raising area in summer

There are also free tastings of our specialities: foie gras, rillettes or duck pâté.

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Foie gras de canard
entier Mi cuit

Rillettes de canard

Foie gras de canard entier

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Quality first

For all our products and services, we put quality first, with great respect for our clients and the environment.

Our establishment has:

- Disabled access

- IGP GASCOGNE certification


- At the Concours Agricole de Paris, we were awarded:

  • 2010 Silver Medal for whole duck foie gras - mi-cuit and pure duck rillettes.
  • 2011 Silver Medal for whole foie gras.


(except Sunday – reservations only)
from 10am-12pm and 2pm-6pm
July and August: 10am-7pm

  • Visit and gavage demonstration (explanations and history)
  • Free tasting
  • Sale of Terre Blanche specialities
  • Gifts for businesses and special occasions
  • All-year-round group events: foie-gras weekends, Gascon breakfasts, country-style meals, tastings and other possibilities on request.
  • Seminars (equipped 120-seater meeting room)
  • Camping cars are welcome for 1 or 2 night stays.

Download our brochure (PDF - 1Mb)